What are the best places to live in Liverpool?

The best areas to live in Liverpool

This thriving and picturesque city is a perfect place for those looking to buy their first property or considering Moving Home in Liverpool for a change in scenery or a larger property.

With this city offering a variety of locations to live in, we have compiled a list of the best places to live in Liverpool and the surrounding area.

1. Woolton

Situated in the South of Liverpool, Woolton is a leafy village that has both modern and historical properties. This is a perfect area if you are looking for a more rural landscape away from the hustles and bustle of the city centre. For any music fans, Woolton is only a short walk from the iconic Beatles landmark Strawberry Fields as well as the childhood home of John Lennon.

The main hub of Woolton is full of cafes and restaurants which is perfect for going out for dinner with friends and family. Other leisure activities in the area include a historic building that houses the Woolton Picture House which is perfect for a date at the cinema as well as Woolton Golf Club for any budding golfers. The area has a variety of corner shops and supermarkets for your food shopping as well as hairdressers and even dog groomers!

If you are looking to start a family or currently have one, Woolton has plenty of primary schools, secondary schools and even further education facilities. The village is located in the perfect area if you are working in the city of Liverpool and looking for a convenient commute with Woolton being around 17 minutes by train to Liverpool Central and is about a half an hour drive.

There is a large range of properties in the area perfect for both First Time Buyers in Liverpool and those looking to move home in Woolton. If this quaint area sounds like the place for you, get in touch with our team or book online for your free mortgage appointment.

2. Allerton

Allerton is a suburb of Liverpool but was once within the county of Lancashire. With its friendly commuting and overall small-town feel, the suburb is situated only 3 miles to the south of the city centre. Similar to many small villages around Liverpool, Allerton has links to The Beatles with the area being the location of Paul Mccartney’s childhood home.

The area caters for a balanced lifestyle with aspects of both suburb and city life in one picturesque landscape. There is plenty of things to do in Allerton such as Clarkes Gardens which is perfect for a stroll in the leafy parts of Allerton as well as plenty of eateries in and around the area which is perfect for family gatherings. For history lovers, Sudles House is a brilliant place to visit with its Victorian architecture and valuable paintings.

The properties within Allerton range from 3-bedroom houses to flats making the area fitting for living in a property on your own to buying a home to start a family in. Being in close proximity to the city of Liverpool opens up plenty of employment opportunities and Allerton has a range of educational facilities along with schools offering both primary and secondary education.

If you feel Allerton is the perfect fit for you and are looking for support in the process of obtaining a mortgage for your dream property in Allerton, get in touch with our team today!

3. Aigburth

Aigburth is a friendly suburb that has a fantastic community spirit with the general goal to provide a welcoming atmosphere to anyone that lives, works and visits the area. With beautiful historic buildings, a thriving social scene and picturesque open spaces, Aigburth is fitting for all ages and lifestyles and is only a short journey to the Liverpool city centre.

Residents and visitors are spoilt with the variety of things to do in Aigburth. For the daily walks, Sefton Park is surrounded by residential houses but is still a fantastic outdoor space and is the home of the Liverpool International Music Festival. History lovers will be attracted to the conspicuous Victorian Mansions that you can see on your travels around this park. If you are looking for the perfect place for a shopping spree, Lark Lane is well known for its plethora of independent and niche shops as well as plenty of eateries.

As mentioned, Aigburth is not far from Liverpool City Centre so is certainly a brilliant place if you are planning to regularly commute there. There are lots of bus and rail services that take you to the city centre in around 15 mins. Alternatively, there are road routes for you to drive into the city and towards the M62 which can take you to different parts of the country. Depending on what your future plans are, there is plenty of employment opportunity in and around the area as well as lots of schools offering many levels of education.

If you are looking at Moving Home in Liverpool or are looking for your first property, Aigburth has a variety of properties on offer for young buyers and families all at a range of prices. Get in touch for open and honest mortgage advice in Liverpool to see how we can help you towards mortgage success.

4. Mossley Hill

Boarded by Aigburth, Allerton, Childwall and Wavertree is Mossley Hill. The residents here are spoilt by a collection of shops, restaurants and picturesque green spaces which provides a range of activities in the area. Situated just four miles from the centre of Liverpool, Mossley Hill is a brilliant area for commuters.

Mossley Hill has an inviting community that is here to support one another which is perfect if you are Moving Home in Liverpool and are new to the area. As mentioned, the area is full of amenities including plenty of supermarkets for your weekly shop as well as plenty of pubs and restaurants. Along with this, the many parks in Mossley Hill are perfect for a walk and exercise.

If you are looking to start a family in the area, there is plenty of primary and secondary schools in and around the area as well as a college and university. Mossley Hill train station is your best for commuting into the city centre which can provide brilliant employment opportunities. Some of the properties in the area unlock a piece of history with a number of Victorian mansions in the area along with apartments, semi-detached and detached housing at varying prices.

5. Childwall

Childwall is a ward of Liverpool and is located south of the city. Home to Lime Pictures, the area has recognisable locations that are seen in the series ‘Hollyoaks’ as well production of Brookside and Geordie Shore. This suburb is full of history especially surrounding Childwall Abbey and is the home to Liverpool’s only remaining medieval church.

This suburb is a short distance to Liverpool city centre which attracts a variety of people with its fantastic shopping, tourist attractions and food facilities. Within Childwall is Croxteth Hall and Country Park which has a picturesque park that is perfect for families as well as Childwall Woods which is a national forest and brilliant for a walk.

Whether you are looking to move into your first property in this thriving area or planning to start a family here and looking for a larger property, Childwall caters for both! With a variety of property options out there along with brilliant commuting options, employment opportunities and schools in and around the area, Childwall could be the place for you.

Gifted Deposits FAQ’s | Mortgage Advice in Liverpool

Gifted Deposit Explained | Mortgage Advice in Liverpool

Through our extensive experience as a trusted mortgage broker in Liverpool, our team understand that a big hurdle in getting onto the property ladder for a first time buyer in Liverpool is to build up enough savings for a deposit.

In many cases, parents, grandparents and sometimes friends will want to help you towards achieving your goal of buying your first home. This will be done by providing either a percentage or the full amount of a deposit to put forward on a property. A situation like this is referred to as a gifted deposit. Find out more information on this below.

What is a gifted deposit?

A gifted deposit is a lump sum of money provided by parents, grandparents or friends to a homebuyer and would make up the full or partial amount of the homebuyer’s required deposit. This can be a beneficial option for those struggling to save for a deposit.

Keep in mind that the money isn’t a loan and providing a gifted deposit is giving to the homebuyers with an understanding that the money doesn’t need to be repaid.

How can gifted deposits help?

As mentioned, gifted deposit can be a helpful option for first time buyers in Liverpool especially those who are financially stable to cover mortgage repayments but are not able to save up for the initial deposit.

When providing open and honest mortgage advice in Liverpool, we find this is a regular instance. This could be because the customer has larger outgoings like rental payments, home energy bills and essentials resulting in having no remaining amount to put into savings for a deposit.

Through receiving a gifted deposit, you will have opened yourself up to better rates of interest when you are in the mortgage process, in particular, for those with a gift that is above the minimum 5-10% deposit requirement.

Who can gift The deposit?

Normally, it’s parents (birth and adopted) and carers who are able to gift you the deposit. This case is usually known in the mortgage world as the “bank of mum & dad”. It is possible for other family members to gift you the deposit, however, this is down to the lender and would require care when selecting the most appropriate mortgage lender for this.

In the case where the gifter is over the of 55, they may be able to provide you with the deposit through Equity Release in Liverpool & a Lifetime Mortgage.

Do your parents know you need help?

The general consensus we find around this topic is that many customers aren’t aware that their parents can help with their mortgage or may not feel comfortable asking them for help. Normally, parents are willing and ready to help out their children by helping them on the road to homeownership.

In the majority of situations, taking out a mortgage can be a better option than renting. This is because you may end up paying less per month on your repayments over your rent. The deposit could come from inheritance, with some parents potentially gifting it earlier on in life if they currently have enough in savings or have released a specific amount of equity from their own family home.

Gifted deposit vs loans

Loans are something many lenders won’t accept as a deposit because the lender may be unsure that you’d be able to pay back both the loan and the mortgage at the same time.

Is there a maximum or minimum gifted amount?

There isn’t a set amount on the maximum you can receive as a gift, however, some lenders will want you to put in at least 5% deposit from your own personal funds.

Remember, the more you can afford to put down, maybe by combining savings and gifts, you’ll have access to better deals.

Who can benefit from a gifted deposit?

Generally, it’s first time buyers and home movers in Liverpool who will benefit the most from the gifted deposit.

Our Mortgage Advice Service in Liverpool

As an expert mortgage broker in Liverpool, our team strive in providing top-level customer service with the aim to get them through the mortgage process with the help of expert mortgage advice in Liverpool.

Whatever your mortgage situation may look like, get in touch with our team today. Through our experience in speaking to customers seeking mortgage advice in Liverpool, we have encountered a variety of cases including complex ones.

What proof is required?

The individual who is gifting you the money will need to sign a gifted deposit form stating that it is not a loan and is in fact a gift. Other proof of ID includes address and bank statements.

Offering Gifted Deposit Mortgage Advice in Liverpool

As a mortgage broker in Liverpool, we are available 7 days a week from early until late. Our mortgage advisors in Liverpool are here to answer all your questions and update you on your mortgage process.

Schedule a call with an expert mortgage advisor in Liverpool to see how we can help you towards achieving your mortgage goals!

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