Home improvements vs moving home

Whether it’s due to having children, moving in with a partner or just wanting more space, as a homeowner, you may eventually feel like you’ve outgrown the property you’re in. On the flip side, you may need some repair work carrying out, like re-roofing your property and so on. These are things that we find customers are looking at.

Though moving home seems like the ideal thing to do, it can become a rather stressful time for homeowners. Somebody has to come and value your property, you have to get in touch with the estate agent, the property has to go on sale. Following that you’ll have people coming in and out to view your home etc. It’s a long, gruelling cycle that many aren’t fond of.

The costs of home improvements

Not only do home improvements give you a better quality property with potentially more space, but there’s a chance you may save money on various fees and can also greatly increase the value of the property for when you do wish to sell it.

Whilst it can save money, it’s worth remembering that home improvements come with their own costs. These can include:

  • Planning Permission
  • VAT
  • Materials
  • Builders
  • Building Regulation Inspections
  • Architects Plans/Services
  • An Emergency Fund – Just In Case Things Don’t Go To Plan

When to speak with a Mortgage Broker in Liverpool

In order to go forth with any home improvements, you may need to release equity from your home. To do this you will need to take out a Remortgage which will enable the equity to be released from the property to put towards the plans you have.

You’ll need to speak with a remortgage advisor in Liverpool in order to get this going. Remortgages tend to go a lot smoother and quicker than the first time around, so you’ll hopefully be enjoying a nice and easy process once you’ve been assigned your dedicated Remortgage Advisor.

Seizing the opportunity

At this time of writing, right now may be the best time to jump into this. Interest rates are lower than they’ve been in quite some time, allowing for your dream kitchen or conservatory plans to get started.

Here at Liverpoolmoneyman, we have experienced mortgage advisors working all throughout the day to answer our customers’ enquiries. If you’re looking to remortgage in Liverpool for home improvements or would like to further discuss the pros and cons of that versus moving home, get in touch and an advisor will run through any questions you may have.

Remortgage Advice for Home Improvements

Date Last Edited: August 7, 2023