It can be a daunting experience as first-time buyers to apply for a Mortgage, add to that being Self Employed, and it may seem near on impossible. You’re told time and again how difficult, stressful and time-consuming it can be to secure a Mortgage.

Both my partner and I leaned heavily on the expertise of Liverpoolmoneyman and from the very first call with Nathan, they made us feel at ease and were truly invested in securing us the mortgage we needed.

It’s been just over 12 weeks since I typed into Google looking for a Mortgage Broker, found Liverpoolmoneyman and read reviews not too dissimilar to the one I am writing now.

This team makes time for you, they go above and beyond, and the support they’ve given us throughout this process was worth their fee alone. I would advise everyone considering getting a Mortgage Broker to not look any further, you’ve found them.

We received our mortgage today, and have just sat in the car screaming with excitement.

THANK YOU, Liverpoolmoney man.

We owe your entire team a pint.

Date Last Edited: July 21, 2024