The world of buy to let mortgages in Liverpool offers various avenues for property investment, each with its own benefits.

Besides the traditional buy to let mortgage, there are other options such as let to buy mortgages and HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation). Today, we’ll focus on holiday let mortgages in Liverpool.

What is a holiday let mortgage in Liverpool?

A holiday let in Liverpool is a type of buy to let investment where landlords rent out their property to tourists and visitors temporarily. These rentals are typically short-term, occurring during specific travel seasons throughout the year.

Given the nature of the holiday industry, there are periods when demand slows down, affecting your income flow. This fluctuation can lead to stricter mortgage lending criteria.

Am I eligible for a holiday let mortgage in Liverpool?

Just like any mortgage, meeting the criteria for a holiday let mortgage in Liverpool is essential for approval.

While criteria can vary among lenders, there are common requirements such as a minimum 25% deposit, a specified annual income (in addition to rental income), rental income sufficient to cover mortgage payments, and holiday home insurance.

Holiday home insurance protects against booking cancellations or loss of income. However, due to the higher risk nature of holiday homes, interest rates are likely to be higher.

Are holiday let mortgages in Liverpool worth it?

Deciding on a holiday let mortgage involves weighing the pros and cons. They offer additional income, especially during peak seasons when you can charge premium rates. You might also benefit from tax deductions for fully furnished holiday homes, though this varies.

However, buying property in tourist hotspots can come at a premium. Interest rates are generally higher, and stamp duty tax can add up, especially if you own multiple properties. Running costs and maintenance further impact profits.

The location and rental charges, particularly during peak seasons, can mitigate these factors. Additionally, the downtime between bookings allows you to use the property as a holiday home for yourself, a perk not available with standard buy to let mortgages.

How are holiday let mortgages in Liverpool different from buy to let mortgages in Liverpool?

A standard buy to let mortgage in Liverpool is for long-term rental properties, usually leased to secure tenants for 6-12 months. The amount you can borrow is based on potential rental income rather than personal income.

In contrast, holiday let mortgages are intended for short-term rentals, typically around a month per tenancy. Income can fluctuate due to off-peak seasons when securing short-term tenants might be challenging.

Lenders assess potential rental income in detail, considering various letting seasons, to determine your borrowing capacity. They also review your personal income as part of the evaluation process.

Date Last Edited: February 22, 2024